Building Emotional Connections in Business

Building Emotional Connections in Business

Heres a story about Ethel and Paul. There was no connection. The end.

Many businesses share the same fate as Ethel and Paul vis-à-vis their customers. As a consumer, you’re probably more likely to buy something when you have an emotional tie to the product or service, I’m willing to bet. Without that emotional connection, the relationship is bound to wither very early in the day. Let’s talk about why building a strong emotional connection between your brand and customers is so important.

The Emotional Connection

First off, what is this emotional connection? It has a lot to do with capturing hearts and minds — how you make customers feel when they buy from you; when they come in contact with your brand. It’s usually more of an unconscious feeling than a conscious one — customers continue to buy because you fed their desire to feel secure, stand out from the crowd or come closer to being the people they want to be. It all starts with understanding what your client desires or whom they would like to be.

connect with your audience

Every customer has a desire to have a sense of belonging. It is your responsibility, as a business owner, to determine what community your customers desire to belong to (as individuals), and create the right connections with them. A customer who desires to stand out of the crowd will not connect emotionally to a brand built on moderate pricing. No, they would relate more with high-end brands. Apple customers, for instance, do not go for apple products because they are relatively affordable or more user-friendly. They relate more with the ‘apple community’. A community of a select few who can afford to use those products.

Why bother?

The reason we must build the right connection with our customers is because they are our best advocates to meeting new customers. Customers who feel a connection to your brand are more engaged and not only provide more value to your brand overtime, but they are a way more persuasive means of publicity than any corporate strategy. We can go ahead to put this in numbers; customers who feel connected to a brand are 25% to 100% more valuable in terms of profitability than customers who are merely satisfied, and do not have a connection to the brand.

Get Started

To build the right emotional connection with customers, it is important to understand that all customer segments are unique and have different primary motivators which determine the level to which they feel connected to your brand. There are primarily three of these motivators: the sense of belonging; the sense of excitement and novelty; the sense of freedom. Everybody is going to have different needs and different primary motivators. 

give your brand a personality

These motivators differ based on where they fit in the customer journey or the buyer’s journey. Somebody early in the stage of meeting your brand and interacting with you is going to be very different than somebody who’s been a customer for a long time.

Nail it!

To nail this customer connection, every business must make the customer the priority; get in, listen, interact and get involved. And it is also just as important to develop a personality for your business. This puts you above trying to out-do your competition. Your focus will be on creating a unique emotional connection with your customers that they are guaranteed to get nowhere else. That is how you gain and maintain high value customers who remain loyal to your brand.

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