Customer Experience Marketing

Customer Experience Marketing

Customer experience marketing is all about putting the customer at the forefront of your marketing strategy. This means placing meeting their needs on a higher rung on the marketing campaign priority scale than broadcasting your product features. The success of this type of marketing is based on the experiences customers have and share with marketers focused on the customers – what they need; their desired experience. These experiences can be big gestures, or everyday interactions which leave them feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

With all human relationships being built on the basis of experiences, customer experience marketing does not only give you the edge over your competition, but is mandatory for the acquisition and retention of high value customers (P.S. – we are working on the assumption that your target audience is made up primarily of humans. Please ignore this post entirely if you are selling to other land/sea creatures, ghosts or aliens). Customer experience marketing is pretty close to customer service which, in this era, is the new marketing.

Why Should You Bother about the Customer Experience?

Customer experience marketing not only looks out for the customers, but offers a significant return on your investment. With a satisfactory experience, a brand can be sure of loyalty from their customers. Customers are more likely to return to where they got a pleasant experience, than to where they only received great products/services. Customers get to trust your brand and come back expecting to receive the same satisfactory experience they got from you before – you always have to bring your A game!

Why pay attention to customer experience marketing

There is the upside on cost too. It takes 12 pleasant experiences to make up for 1 unpleasant customer experience. In other words, not paying attention to your customer experience can be very costly. With a customer likely to share a pleasant experience with 4 friends, and likely to share an unpleasant experience with 10 friends, it is safe to say customer experience marketing is a very effective way to cut cost for any company. Waiting to repair the damage from a bad experience is not only a dangerous gamble, but an expensive choice.

How to Get Started with Customer Experience Marketing

starting on customer care

Everywhere customers come in contact with your brand, they go away with an experience – EVERYWHERE! Customer experience marketing has to span across all marketing channels. Their online visits, onsite visits, social media interactions, personnel interactions, and product/service quality all form part of the experience. There has to be seamless consistency of the experience. 

Incorporating the customer experience into everything that pertains to your brand is how to successfully implement customer experience marketing. Again, this is not a one-time thing. There must be regular assessment to ensure that all new and existing customers desire the experience they are getting from your brand.

Your brand depends on your customer experience, as what they share eventually translates to your brand experience – what prospectives can expect coming in contact with your brand. Your marketing cannot just be about sales anymore; there is much more at stake now.

Take a step back and assess what your customer experience is. Do they get the experience they desire from you, or are they typically dissatisfied of just indifferent?

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  1. Splendid write up!!
    I think managers of a good number of transportation agencies in Cameroon really need to get this. Their customers are very poorly treated.

  2. Very correct! Customer experience is a very proactive approach to a successful business. Never say “away with this one customer”; one customer who gets an unfair treatment can send away twenty potential customers. Therefore, I agree 100% with this article.

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