How to Produce Creative Content Every Single Time

How to Produce Creative Content Every Single Time

They say creativity can’t be taught. That may be true, but it didn’t stop us from testing and sharing a few hacks which can get our creative (or not-so-creative) juices running. It can be terribly frustrating looking at a blank sheet with just nothing to create. Fret no more; we are here to save the day with these not-so-obvious but simple hacks to nail creative content every single time. Leggo!

Brain Dump

The easiest way to kill your creativity is to try to get it right from the very beginning. Brain dumping is the exact opposite of that, and here is how it works. Pick a topic you want to write on. Use a notepad, sheet of paper, computer, or whatever else you feel most comfortable writing on, and let your thoughts flow. Write every phrase or idea that comes to mind on that topic. Remember, it does not have to make sense. It just has to be relevant. Do this exercise for 15 – 25 minutes, and I bet you, you will have a full article structured in your mind by the time you are done. Then you can take a break and return to structure those random thoughts and ideas into a creative, authentic piece.

think out of the box


Repurposing evergreen content is a great way to not only reach a new audience, but to create fresh, authentic content from what you have already published. It’s important that only evergreen content be repurposed because then you can be sure the new content you are putting out remains relevant. For instance, you can look back at a blog post you did on the changing social media trends on 2017, and transform that to an inforgraphic and voilà! A new (old) piece of content which will appeal more to your graphics-oriented audience than the blog post did.

repurpose old ideas

Collaborate with a Peer

I don’t know about you, but we can’t do it all on our own. And even if we could, why should we? An easy way to produce creative content (even when your creative juices seem to be on some unplanned vacation) is getting another voice on your platform. Create partnerships with other people who create the kind of content you want for your audience and feature them on your space every now and then. Not only will you be giving your audience a fresh voice (introducing your audience to you genius friend), but you’ll get more publicity with your guest contributor sharing the link with their own audience. It’s a win-win!

ask for help. Collaborate

Treat your Body Right

What was that? What has health go to do with creative content? Well, I might be wrong, but I think it has something to do with the brain – a part of the body, last time I checked – being the creative machine. The shape your body is in could play a major role on your creativity. Anaerobic exercises, breathing exercises and lots of water can make you more alert, clear your mind of cutter, and boost creativity. In a nutshell, sit as little as possible; let your ideas be born in the open air and of free movement.

stay healthy

Use Tools: Editorial Calendars

This is an absolute life-saver for the creative. You know those moments when your creativity is at its peak and you feel like your words literally came to life, right? Well, an editorial calendar is just the tool you need to make these moments last forever!!! How it works is, you get to write down all those fantastic ideas you have onto the schedule and just go back to it every time you need to make more magic happen. It’s like a fairy godmother whispering in your ear whenever you need her. Click the link below for a condensed editable editorial calendar we have created to make your life so much easier.

There you go – it’s really that easy. Creating authentic content should not be so far-fetched for you. Go ahead and give our tactics a try. Or you found a different way to keep your creativity sharp? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Click below for our free editorial calendar

Create! Condensed Editorial Calendar

Happy creating!

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