Social Media Brand Storytelling Lessons from 3 Giants

Social Media Brand Storytelling Lessons from 3 Giants

Social media marketing is about the stories you tell.


It is all about principles. Your brand should have an approach to business which is also an approach to life. This approach to life is the sum of said business’s values and principles, value proposition, and brand promise. These three companies are world-wide brand storytelling giants, from whom we can learn a thing or two about the art. Read on about how they have captured the hearts and loyalty of consumers all over the world, and how you could make that work for your brand.

Coca-Cola – Brotherly Love

Coca-Cola is arguably the world’s leader in brand storytelling. But this did not happen overnight. They came from being declare creatively bankrupt in 2004 to being named Creative Marketer of the year by Cannes in 2013, and have only grown since then. Coca-Cola has been able to achieve this through their story telling campaigns. Their Brotherly Love story, for instance, is always an unforgettable experience for first-time viewers. Not only does it resonate with the audience, but is one of those stories you can care enough about to share with someone else. They made their story universally relatable by incorporating not lofty, esoteric ideas, but small everyday stories bound to ignite familiar emotions in the audience; the bond between siblings. The ‘care’ and ‘relatable’ factors are usually very present in Coca-Cola’s stories, which reflects their brand image of happiness and fun for the everyday people and families.

Dove – #RealDadMoment

Dove Understands that stories matter, and they have done an outstanding job sharing relatable stories from people all over the globe. The Dove brand highlights human authenticity, selfcare and the relationships with those closest to us. But for a very long while. their campaigns targeted solely their female audience, like the Real Beauty campaign which was a great hit in 2013. But recently, Dove turned to their male audience to give them stories they can relate to. This kicked off with the Men Care campaign which tells the story of an American Soldier in Iraq who could not come home to see his new-born son, and Dove made it happen. But the attention to the male audience only grows stronger with the #RealDadMoment campaign celebrating fathers being there for their families. Now, what does this have to do with soaps and lotions? Absolutely nothing. But they have told stories all fathers and fathers-to-be can relate to, and it works.

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The Old Spice Smell Like a Man, Man campaign was a complete game changer for the company, taking them from struggling to top of the grooming and personal care industry. After suffering a great market share loss by 2006, the company did a survey which showed that 70% of male grooming and personal care products were bought by women. This new research showed they had been neglecting a significant portion of their target audience, but creating content which appeals only to men. Now, they had to tell stories about men, which women could relate to. The Smell Like a Man, Man campaign does just that. The very first video on this campaigns opens with the character speaking to the ladies. Now, they told their story, but they told their story so women could relate to, and with the Old Spice kind of humour. This campaign recorded over 100 million YouTube hits, over 2500% increase in Twitter followers, and a 300% increase in web traffic. They definitely were doing something right!

So what lessons can we draw from these brand storytelling giants?

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Get personal
  3. Make sure it matters
  4. Use the little experiences to create lasting memories

There you have it. Now go capture your audience with unexpected brand stories.

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