Top Content Dos for Consistent Results

Top Content Dos for Consistent Results

Let’s go back to the basics – top rules for content marketing.

True storytelling to create a unique experience for a brand requires a lot more than just good enough. With content marketing, you are either rock or you suck – there is no middle ground. Let’s look at a few rules of this game; the most important dos anyone using content marketing to drive their brand or organization, must remember and apply. Becasue we are all here to rock!

Know your Target Audience.

They are the reason why you’re in business. Take the time to identify your ideal client. Understand their demographics, interests, needs and pain points so you can craft a compelling marketing message and promote it in the places where you are likely to find them. Build real-life personas to help you see them as more than nameless demographics – as individuals. This is how you get to make your content resonate with your audience.

Know your audience

Always Have a Plan.

It is necessary to have a content marketing plan that details your objectives, the types of content that align with your specific objectives, and the required processes. This is directly related to your audience. You need to know what types of content your audience consumes to ultimately make buying decisions. Before even deciding what type of content or what medium to use, analyse your audience. 

Always have a plan

Be Consistent.

Consistency is key. Creating and keeping a regular schedule is more important than spurts of genius. Remember you are building trust with your audience. If they come to you for what you promised them and are disappointed, the odds are they will move on to a more consistent brand. It does not matter how smart or creative you may be. Using an editorial calendar is the easiest way to ensure consistency. Check out our free condensed editorial calendar.

be consistent

Always Use Great Visual Content

Investing in the proper visual content is a must-do for any content marketer. Whether that is custom infographic, custom motion graphics, professionally produced videos or illustration, visual content that is strong has a better chance of engagement.

use catchy graphics

Use data

We may not all love numbers, but when it comes to building credibility in your industry, numbers will be your best friend. A constant use of data in content makes your audience trust that you know exactly what you are saying, and your opinions, strategies and processes are not merely based on hunches, but on hard fact. Data puts your content in context and gives you credibility.

always use date

Be Unique and Relevant.

The key to content marketing is adding value to your target audience.  The more you can do this the more effective it will be.  Creating blogs, downloads and other information that are not well thought through and thin on useful content won’t help your audience so will fail to engage them.  However, you must be realistic about what you can create based on your resources.

Be Unique and Relevant

Share True Stories.

Here at Create!, we use the phrase storytelling approximately of 50 times every single week. Because that is what content marketing is about – telling brand stories. But because the aim of content marketing is to make an audience resonate with the values of an organization, sharing true stories, featuring real people and real situations will ignite genuine emotion in their audience and make them more likely to buy into said values.

Share true stories

There you have it; some of the top principles we use to produce engaging content that brings results. Which of these do you struggle with the most? Leave us a comment and we will share with you how we manage to keep our top content coming.

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