We’re Spilling the Beans!

We’re Spilling the Beans!

Today, we are telling all. We will be answering a few questions we have had clients and friends ask us in the past. Just so you get to know us a little better. Ready? Here we go!

Friend: What makes content marketing different from other marketing strategies? Why do you call yourselves a content marketing agency and not just a marketing agency, which people would understand better?

Create!: This is pretty straight forward. First off, content marketing is different from traditional marketing in a number of ways.

First, content marketing is not hinged on selling products/services. Rather, it seeks to add value to customers and leads. Rather than shouting out the services we offer, we prefer to address some of the problems our customers face which are relevant to our industry.

Second, Content Marketing is all about creating a consistent brand experience for customers. We use all forms of engaging and entertaining content (copy or text, graphic, audio-visual) to create a unique experience for customers; this is the experience they will always attached the brand in question to.

And finally, content marketing is all about compelling storytelling. We want to engage brand customers and leads; tell brand stories in a way that their customers and leads can relate to and buy into.

Is this a fairly new marketing strategy the larger part of our audience has not heard of or understood? Definitely. Which is exactly why we chose this niche. We are bringing something fresh to the marketing field.


F: Who are your target audience?

C: Our target audience are as specific as our niche is. Our services are tailored for companies and businesses who want to create and maintain a unique brand image, as well as ascertain a position of leadership in their industry. We equally work with individuals who desire to create a strong brand image. A strong personal brand is a highly undervalued asset.

F: What is your process? How do you build brand experiences with texts and audio-visuals?

C: Hmmm… now you are asking for us to reveal industry secrets. We promised ourselves we were not going to do that today. But if you go ahead and check out our blog post on the ABC of Content Marketing, you will get all you need. We shared a few of our strategies on there.

F: How would your services benefit my growing business?

C: There is a ton of benefits of content marketing, some of which we shared in our Is This Right for your Business blog post. Here is a list of some of those benefits:

Strong brand awareness

Authority in your industry

Great customer relationship

Cost effective

More website traffic

Customer loyalty

F: What is your objective when you work with a client?

C: Every client we work with is a unique brand with specific objectives, needs and desires. Our objective is always to help them meet their brand objectives. It is very customized; the approach we take with our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all model with content marketing. We listen to the client, and we help them connect to their client in whichever way works for the brand in question.

And that’s about it from us. Go on to the comments section and leave any questions you might have which we did not address. We are eager to connect with you.

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