How to use Brand Storytelling on Social Media

How to use Brand Storytelling on Social Media

We all want to connect to something outside of ourselves; that is the origin of our love for storytelling. This craving for a connection for something out of ourselves encourages a smooth marriage between storytelling and social media, where we can easily be transported to a new world by the power of words and images – magical!

Brands that can find creative ways to wrap their values into this experience for their audience can hit significant pay dirt.

This is how you can successfully tell the why of your business on social media and establish trust and loyalty with your target audience:

Listen and Respond

The first step to brand storytelling is understanding your audience: knowing their needs, their language, and know how to craft the experience you want associated with your brand in a way that they will be able to relate to. Simply put, know your audience so you can know what stories they want you to tell. A good story told to the wrong audience will be just as bad as a bad story told to the right audience.

Use Powerful Imagery

Use imagery that speaks strongly to your audience, and that is personal to your brand. The best kinds of stories are personalized stories, so stock images will never be ideal for your brand. Create personal images for your brand stories and use social media platform-specific visual tactics to tell your story in a way that captures your audience. It is important to know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to brand imagery. Find what works for your brand on different social media platforms.

Use Hashtags – and not just for the sake of hashtags

It is always a good idea to sum up your entire brand story in one hashtag, but the creation of a hashtag for your brand or social media campaign must be a careful process sure to result in a personalized, easy-to-remember phrase. Common hashtags like #healthyliving or #focus are used by countless brands, businesses and individuals. Consequently, using those as your brand hashtag will not enable you build the online community you will with a more personalized hashtag. Find your added value and your brand experience, and design an appropriate hashtag that reflects your brand specifically as well as speaks to your audience.

Get Your Community to Tell their Story through their Eyes

Your community can be better storytellers for your brand than you. This is mainly because of the peer element. People are more likely to buy into a brand thanks to peer recommendation, than they are based on brand content. Allowing your community to share their version of your brand story through campaigns or social media posts is a great way to include them in your storytelling process. Give them brand hashtags to use, and make it a point to acknowledge what they post about you.


Remember, storytelling is basically building connections with your audience. Tap into that need for a connection and you can boost your brand awareness and loyalty – and ultimately increase conversions. When done right, a story will clearly establish the core values of your brand, and offer your customers an experience surrounding those values. And what better place to create those experience but social media.

Now go on and #trustyourstory

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