About Us

Our commitment to our brand and clients keeps us tethered to excellence and integrity. We always deliver on our brand promise, thanks to our clear mission we work towards on a daily basis, as well as the values we uphold as a company.


To develop unique, creative marketing strategies for brands, using image, video, copy and audio content to give them a distinct personality, generate new leads and drive their sales objectives.


Adding a unique personality to every brand


Out of the box thinking. Different is our forte. We won’t remind you of anyone else.

Going the extra mile. Always looking to add a little extra to every job.

Passionate about customer care. We are built for customer care; we just happen to be pretty good at content marketing too.

Always trying something new. We are constantly experimenting with new ideas and strategies; always looking for a new touch.

Outstanding standards. Good enough is never good enough. We only stop after the WOW factor.

What Makes Us Different From the Rest

Create! is an independent content marketing agency in Cameroon, which principally focuses on the creation and marketing of content for other organizations, as well as individuals. Our mission is to build and market content that sends a specific message to the audience targeted, to which they can relate individually.

What makes us different from other marketing companies is that not only are we intently focused on content – the king of marketing, but we tap into the emotion of every brand and product to make them unique and capture the target audience. We don’t sell static facts, but relatable expereinces. That is what makes working with us unlike working with any team.

We offer both services and products to make  content marketing for everyone an absolute breeze. You can trust us to not only offer you the best, but treat you as the high value client  we know you are.

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Nyanyo m. wong


Nyanyo is a content strategist who believes marketing is a beautiful art and is leading Create! to share that art with the world. She is young, ambitious and hardworking – the perfect combination to give no rest until every client is completely satisfied. When she is not working on legendary content, she is reaching out to marginalized groups, empowering them to live lives free of capabilities deprivation. She loves books, movies, cooking and cats. Connect with her; she is always looking to share new ideas and make new contacts





Oku’na Quinta

Marketing Director

Quinta is a seasoned marketing and communications force. Her experience working with the media for over half a decade has equipped her with valuable knowledge which she uses to give Create! clients just the sort of attention they deserve. She is an artist who spends her time out of Create! designing beautiful fashion pieces to make the world a little more colourful. This fun-loving creative genius adds value to everyone she connects with on some level. You can follow her on social media.






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